Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Spring, finally!!

I don't know about you, but being a born in Chicago, I haven't experienced such a brutal and cold winter since the '80's. But now it's spring and I am looking forward to starting my garden. In anticipation of the summer, I started growing my some herbs on my window sill. Just the basics: parsley, basil and chives. More to come though.

There's nothing like fresh herbs and veggies in the summer. If you have a yard, planter boxes, pots or even cans, JUST DO IT! Here are a few tips. If you are starting from seeds, get some peet cups, fill with soilless potting mix and put in your seeds.

Cover with plastic wrap or sandwich bags so that the moisture builds up. In the beginning, you will just need to mist the tops until the plants fill out and become hardy. You can grow inside on a sunny window sill or transplant them to larger pots and move them outdoors. All these items can be found at your local nursery/garden store or at Target, Home Depot, or CostCo.

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